How does it work?

Babovashop proposes to its clients some exceptional discounts thanks to their partner shops just by the fact to be identified by their Babovashop card. Private and professional have the possibility to save money. Babovashop also acts as distributor of the Nuskin products.

Private person

Are you a private person? is created for you. By choosing a Babovashop card, you have the possibility to enjoy your shopping, hobbies and travel in different places with very interesting discounts. With the Babovashop card, the VIP will be you !!!

Shop, independent or new entrepreneur

You manage a shop, an independent professional activity or you are a new entrepreneur... will be your ideal support by proposing you different packages, who will permit you to :

  • Attract a maximum of our members and improving the notoriety of the shop
  • Attract a certain category of our members (Private, professionals)
  • Improve the treasury during the usual quiet days
  • To put in evidence strategic products
  • To start and/or develop your business with our network


Are you a Company? is the solution to develop your business :

Through our discount gallery you have the opportunity to reduce your operating fees and discover new potential suppliers.

If you want to award or to motivate your employees, why not offering them a Babovashop card?

Gift idea ?

Birthday, Name day, Christmas, Farewell gift... As there is always an event to celebrate and you are missing ideas,  running out of time or just the shops are too far, just order a card.